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1st Generation of Abaca Glass “Old Glazier”

Glass and “Us” go back a Long Way

Back when I was too young to drive (I received my license while I was 15 – Drivers Ed – 1965) there were two things I enjoyed more than anything else; Working and Playing. After I learned a few good work habits and got paid for doing something, I began to enjoy working a little more than playing.

I had a school buddy and his father owned a glass company. There were times I enjoyed weekends or summers working in that glass shop. Even sweeping the floor was fun because I knew I was in the place of work where I may be learning a trade. I cannot express what it meant to me the first time someone taught me to use a glass cutter. I found myself hanging out in that glass shop over the years even when I knew there would be no paycheck.

Dallas looked like this then:Dallas 1957best Abaca Banner


Glass was just a product that caught my attention. I liked the conversations around it. Did you know there are some theories that glass is in “a liquid state”. Tell that to the doctors who sewed me up over the years. Fortunately, I never had any major cuts, a few close ones but nothing over seven stitches at one time. I had seen worse and thought I would leave the business because it is a dangerous vocation to be involved in. Hey, but being younger, that adrenalin rush was motivation of its’ own and kept us on our toes. I enjoyed that too.  My sister was constantly wondering why someone that was a free bleeder would be involved with a job that required bleeding.

I did go on and work other fields, home improvement sales, doors and windows and even worked and lived on a giant incorporated cattle and wheat ranch for a while.

Since 1975 we have enjoyed being in and working around the glass industry. Having gained some of our knowledge out on the west coast fixing commercial and residential glass around the Long Beach and Newport Beach area. Gained a lot of experience with the west coast since they have plenty of earthquakes daily or “shocks or tremors” that shook glass loose constantly. In fact, I just spent too many hours working out there. California lived like Vegas plays, 24/7. So we came back home to Texas and we will only leave when we go on vacations.

Custom Glass and Mirrorimage047

Our first name in business was “A Touch of Glass”

then we were “A Touch Of Glass Studio, Inc”image049

After returning to Dallas we spent a few years working in custom glass. We were featured on the PM Magazine Show on Channel 8 back in ’78 for the glass furniture art pieces we were making out of glass. In fact, our motto then was “I can build your idea” and we spent three years on main street in Traders Village doing just that for a few thousand people a month.

Custom glass was fun but we were directed into other fields that we also enjoyed. By day we became a worker for someone else and by night we kept up with our custom customers and showed up at all the Dallas Home and
Garden Shows.

Commercial Glass

We spent about four years on high rise buildings and enjoyed the view. image050As the glass foreman we ran 16 men up a twenty-two story building and felt like we finally made our mark on the world with glass…and a Golden Mark it was. There were 4,400 gold sheets of 1″ insulated glass 12 feet tall on that job and we controlled and handled every piece as it went in. The Phase Two Campbell Centre at Central Expressway and Northwest Highway was a turning point for us. As we spent most of our lunches on the building, I started looking around and was watching the reunion tower structure going up downtown. I was often heard saying I would love to put the glass in that round ball downtown just to say I had something to do with the Dallas Skyline that I have grown up loving to see.


I was blessed to come off the Campbell Centre, buy my union card and end up downtown installing the glass in the Reunion Tower. I was beginning to believe God wanted me to be a glass man and blessed my wishes as I worked.

The Reunion was the Bell of the Ball for me.

Coldest winter ever in ’78 for us to be hanging off a swinging stage installing glass some 56 floors off the ground or 560 feet up. There were a few very cold days in 5 degree temps on the ground. Hammering an inch of ice off the stages so we could work was not easy. A human body could not stay on the stage for 20 minutes before it started shaking so bad, eventually everyone around would tell you to come in and warm up because you did not look good “turning blue”.image052There were other things that normal people don’t get to do like a high rise glazier does.  We worked on swinging stages and the platform has wheels on both ends that roll down the bulding to help you from bouncing around.  On the lowest level of glass we installed, the wheels ran out of wall to lay up against.  Have you ever hung outside on a swinging stage at 800 feet where the slightest wind will “Rock You”?  It was fun then, I doubt I would ever put myself in that position again just because I’ve grown older and don’t “rock” too much anymore.

My greatest morning ever was up on the Reunion. It was foggy on the ground and a very low cloud bank that day. At 5:30 am you could not see the top of the tower from the ground. After we get on the top floor of glass that morning, shortly after and around sunrise you start seeing clearly. The clouds dropped below us and suddenly the sun rose up and there we were looking at the world around us buried in clouds and only the taller buildings were peaking up through the clouds. These are times you know there must be a God to create such a beautiful way to display beauty. I could not have been happier on that job, so when it was over, I quit. The cold, the downtown parking, or maybe it was just the time; but I went back to working completely for myself and have enjoyed the business ever since.


So voiding the cold weather at high altitudes, we decided to work on the ground from now on. Instead of drawing a paycheck from the union hall, we prefer to talk to the people who pay us. We like making people happy in their glass projects rather than figuring out what the heck the architects are trying to do on the 15th floor of some corporate building. We like to think our new boss is the customers we serve rather than receiving our paychecks from unknown entities.

Residential Glass

We are happier dealing with people and new places everyday. Being happy with what we do makes very good for serving customers and helping make them happy by supplying, delivering and installing quality products with professional care.

Happy Happy Happy.

We want to thank all the customers we have had since 1975 and hope to let all our future customers know how much we appreciate their business. As a family run business, it is important to us how many referred customers we receive.