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Mirror Vainity

Vanity Mirrors are not always a simple piece of Mirror

Our customer was a contractor who did some fine cabinet door work in the bath and wanted to cover it all in mirror to have that hidden medicine cabinet look. There were times while we were installing the mirror that we had to put our hands on the glass to find out where the door was. This effect can be completed by using “magnetic latches” where you can just touch the mirror with a little pressure and let go and the door opens. To close the door you just slightly bring it back to “closed” and the magnet will draw it shut.

Doors are magneticHidden Doors

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We have had a number of customers say they have never seen this type frame for mirros in a bath before, but they love the look.

vanity bevel frames And we like what Our Cusomters say because we value their choices and it opens our designs and patterns.  We have changed many mirror effects due to what our customers have suggested over the years.

beveled framesWe have enjoyed the looks that the Beveled Mirror Strips and Corners have added, but still, it’s in the design that catches the eye.  DSC03579The Faucets coming through the glass is one of our favorites due to the end look and the challenge.  If you go this design in your baths we do suggest that you give a back wall entrance for doing plumbing work.  A few times we have returned to take down mirrors for the plumbers.

IM001703 doublebevel2

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