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Energy Efficient

  E-E Glass            Laminate IG's creates ((Sound Proofing))            Solar Screens

What does it mean to “Go Green in my windows and What Is Energy Efficient Glass?

It generally means to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. To our government it means to meet Energy Star® requirements.energylogo


What is Energy Star®?

A program sponsored by the US Department of Energy which establishes minimum performance stardards for windows to be recognized as energy efficient.

What Glass is best for you to Go Green with in your windows?image017

At best it would mean you are receiving better performance from your windows and doors; that should be recognized by just how much you are not putting out in payments to your local utility company. Normally, the Low E glass is best.

What do we offer for you to “Go Green in your windows?

                            E-E Glass = Energy Efficient Glass

Ten years ago, we offered Solar Green Glass. That was a very good product “then” but today it is not what we acknowledge as “Going Green”.

Give us a call and let us discuss how the Low E glass has been fine tuned in the last decade to work better for each required application. We handle Cardinal 366, RLE, 250, Sungate 500 (near clear) and most of all for protection for your expensive Low E insulated glass units: “Solar Screens“.

Whatever choice you make in your Low E window replacements, you should protect your expensive insulated window glass units with Solar Screens.

We deliver and install insulated glass units with either a 5 year warranty or with a “double seal” you can be covered with a 10 year warranty on the seal not breaking and causing your windows to “Fog Up”.

At Abaca Glass we feel that these Solar Screens with 90% blockage will enhance the years that your insulated units will last.

       Laminate Glass = The Polyvinyl helps keep "Heat & Sound" out of the house

((Sound Proofing)) made easier and more economically

We have changed windows out for people and as we returned on the second day of work on their house, the customers were already happy with the SoundProofing that happened with just a few window changes in a couple of rooms.

Ear plugs would be less expsensive for sure, but we have a fairly economical way of making (((Soundproofing))) your windows more available. And, we have a few different approaches to it.

Storm Windows use to be a good thing for the purpose 30 years ago. Some people today are using storm windows on the inside to produce a sound proof barrier. This would be like going back into the dark ages to open one window then another just to stick your head outside. Also, moisture was a build up problem no matter what part of the world you lived in. Storm windows also cost more to fix when the glass breaks out and there is just too many moving parts there to last a long time.


Laminate Glass “Softens Outside Noise”

If you have insulated window glass units in your home, we can make your home much quieter by simply making up your insulated units out of “laminated safety glass over clear or Low E”. That makes up three pieces of glass with an air space and a piece of heavy gauge poly-vinyl.

There, that saves a lot of money and keeps the moving parts hassle to a minimum.