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Glass Partitions

Glass Shower Partitions:

The new wave of Design in Shower Enclosure Systems has changed for the better.  Today we are noticing that more and more customers are cutting down on the “moving  parts” and some are not even installing the doors.  Odd it may sound but after a few installations like this, we agree.

Glass PartitionWhen there is tile on the floor and the shower “Head” is placed right, not that much water gets out and onto the floor.

The final price for the Glass Partition Shower Enclosure is sure worth the moment  to take a look at and see which is more preferred.

Glass patterns and textured really start to show off when you use the glass for walls.

Pattern Glass: Saten Finish

We were taken by this concept using a Saten Finish on the Vanity that seperated the shower on one side and the bath on the other.  When finished, it was a very Unique Glass Shower Unit.Glass Partition

If this is the Look you are Looking for, give us a call and let us help. Contact Us for Glass Partitions