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How Do I Remove Moisture from Between My Window Panes?

How to remove water from between my window glass panes?


Quick Reply IS:  You cannot remove the water from between your window pane glass on insulated window glass units…successfully.


Are your windows so “foggy” you think your view to the outside world is like looking through a plastic milk carton?


This is caused from not changing out the glass after you saw the clear water droplets forming between the two panes

Do you notice you have a number of windows that you cannot clean the water droplets off of and it looks like the dirt and water are between the glass panes?

Have you noticed most of the foggy or wet looking or bad windows are on the “sunny side” of the house?

Let us ask you one more question and it is the most disliked question of all:

Do you remember changing out these same windows less that 15 years or even less than 10 years ago?

Window glass repair is sometimes costly, but if not fixed you will pay more on your electric bills.

It will probably cost you more than you want to spend again this year.

Here at Abaca Glass we cannot change out your insulated window glass for FREE, but we can help you in a number of ways to prevent you from having to pay this again before your pocket book has a chance to recover from the shock.

Is there an easier way to fix foggy insulated glass than to just take them out and throw them away and have new ones installed?

We have to answer that with an affirmative “NO”. We would like to inform you in this article of a few ways you might save money, but the best way to save money is to fix these windows right AND PROTECT THEM FROM GOING BAD AGAIN.

And the little bird said "Solar Screens"

It would be easier if we could reach over to the side of the glass, undo the zipper and grab some Windex and get some elbow grease in motion. Clean out between the glass, zip it back up and go spend our hard earned money getting back to the fishing hole. As you can tell already, this is not the real world solution process to fix problems in your window because – no one likes applying elbow grease to anything…but the “zipper” idea is fun to think about.

Without any further ado and cutting out most of the jokes we will explain this to those of you chasing down the answer.

The Water problem between the panes:

Glass is softer than most people think. Some people think it’s hard because of other people taking a diamond and putting a big scratch on glass or a thick table top proving how hard their diamond is or thinking this proves their diamond is real. We wonder if you happen to notice your back door glass getting all scratched up by your dogs toe nails. And we have changed out bathroom vanity mirrors that people had only cleaned the glass with paper towels and diapers for years. Yet, over the years, the paper towel scratches start showing up under the light.

Anyway, glass is softer than you think but all this in another post, especially pros and cons about “glass being in a liquid state”.

So, after the water droplets have been on glass for a while, or the moisture was there and the sun beat down on it for a long time, you are going to have a stain that will not and in some cases can not be removed.

This view is bad

You might see one of two things. Either your windows have been developing moisture between them so long that the water has created vapor and crystallized and now appears to be what we call “flaked out” (all white no vision); Or, you will see rainbows. If you have ever seen gasoline on water (in the street puddles or on a lake behind a boat) you might have noticed the hue of colors that were involved with the gasoline atop the water surface. This hue in the glass is what we call “rainbows”, though you may call it “no good”. Rainbow stains from water droplets will not come out, and FYI, there are also rainbow ghost in insulated units sometimes caused by a “bow” in the glass. This rainbow can be removed by means we will post in another article. For now, let’s just say that water stain between your windows will not be coming out.

We have had customers come in and buy a piece of glass because they broke their glass trying to get it out to clean between them. I assure you, if I were not a glass man and know the problem, instead of paying $100 or more to fix a little water problem in my window glass, I would have also tried taking them out to clean. It is a near impossibility for a veteran glazier to pull out insulated glass units without breaking it.

Anthony installing

I know the tricks to get the glass out. Even if I did get the insulated window glass unit out without breaking it which is rare, now I have to separate it….another mostly miss trial and error effort that I would have rather spent fishing. OK, let’s say after spending an hour going slow enough to get the glass out – separate it – clean it and if the stains did come off – glue it back together and seal it; do you think it will last ? and how long will it be before it fogs up again?

I can answer that because I have paid to own that T-shirt, been there done that when I first believed I could fix one. It will not work, it will not last long before the water is back and even a shorter time before the fog turns it all milky looking.

If you have insulated windows looking bad from seals leaking or from cracked glass, fix them and you will be happier and your electric bill will be smaller and your house will thank you.

Are you the “do it yourself person who is just trying to find the instructions to replace glass?

We are planning a few videos to show you just how. For now my suggestion for you, even if you find instructions somewhere, pay to have a few fixed. If you have a glass company come out and measure your windows you can have them fix the bigger ones. Then you can stand there and watch them to learn how. You might want to have them fix a couple or three because no two are alike and you may need a couple to catch on to a few more tricks of the trade. After they fix a couple, you can order just one or two of the insulated glass units from them, go pick up the glass and try to install them yourself. I said one or two because you may find out it is not an easy task to repair window glass or change out IG (insulated glass) units. We broke many learning how and after forty years, we still break some due to circumstances and how anxious we get on Friday afternoon to get ready for a weekend of fishing. Just letting you know that the one main thing to pay attention to while handling glass is THE GLASS. Don’t be thinking about anything else when you have glass in your hands.

If you break them, you have to buy another IG unit. If the glass company breaks them while they are replacing them for you, THEY have to keep buying or rebuilding the unit until the unit is installed correctly at the very same price you were quoted. So unless you are an experienced ”honey-doer” or a “professional do it yourselfer” you need not try working with glass for the first time with no guidance. It is dangerous and the thin window glass is the most dangerous.



Most important is after you fix the windows or you have someone like us come out and replace them, BE SURE TO INSTALL SOLAR SCREENS.

Solar screens will keep your house cool, and keep the direct sun from heating up your insulated window glass units and causing the seals to break and then causing the dreaded “foggy” look. If IG’s are with a 5 year or 10 year warranty, putting solar screens in front of them for protection will increase the life by 4 or 5 fold. The solar screens/privacy screens are ideal for your home and adds so much more lifetime to your high dollar insulated glass. It is like being under an old Oak Tree that is cool and shady all day.

OK, let’s see hands up for any questions? Did we miss something? Are you still going to try it? Call or drop us an email if you have problems and we will be glad to help if we can and with not much charge…lol. Information from us is always FREE. Let us know if this helped you.

God Speed and Stay Cool

Old Glazier