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Insulated Glass


If your windows are starting to look like this…they are due for a fix.

Insulated Glass, Double Pane Glass, Thermal Pane Glass are all IG’s to us:

Only the price varies but the insulated glass units are all built with energy saving intentions.                         They ALL are built with “air space” designs to keep the “Summer’s Hot Air Out” and to keep the ”Winter’s Warm Air In”. If you have energy-efficient glass in your windows it will help to save energy and reduce the household heating bills. There is some good news after the many years of research completed on saving energy, that by using the right type of energy efficient glass, you can also receive more free heat from the sun and at the same time reflect more heat back inside your house during the winter.

It is said that going from your single strength window glass to insulated glass or even from your clear insulated windows to Low E glass you could possibly save as much as 75% of energy from escaping your house and that should be about a 25% savings on your heating bill.

Keeping your insulated window glass units in proper working order will not only save you money but will also be helping out the environment, “Going Green” you might say.

Did you know that up to 25% of the heat in your house escapes through your windows?

That is concidering that you have good working windows. If you do not see any moisture in your windows they are in working order. Once the water shows up between your glass panes, your next stop is at the local glass shop. You will be happier that you fixed them sooner than later. By waiting later, you will have already been spending more than necessary on your heat bill.

Do not wait until they look like this:Bad


It is not that the problem is just looking out, but as utilities keep going up, so will the cost to maintain keeping bad windows. You will be paying extra to have special white windows like this.


Call us before this happens to you. We can fix this window without the high cost of removing the whole frame. The glass is made to be replaced, please do not let someone tell you that you have to change the entire window.

Call us, we can help change your insulated glass units for a clear view.


It is cost effective to have these fixed as soon as you see water droplets.

There is a date stamp in between the glass panes that you can see on the mill finish (aluminum color) spacer bar. If that date is under 8 years you may have a warranty on that window from your builder or the manufacture. Sometimes they stamped their name in there also for you to find. They often supply you with the glass and you supply the labor.

In the picture to the right most of you see one window; and we see two insulated glass units (IG’s to us). The units can be taken out and replaced with new IG’s with or without Low E glass and with or without colonial bars.

Call us for quotes and if you can tell us how wide your IG is and how tall, we can give you our quote for window glass repair. Window replacement means changing out the entire widow, frame and all. If you have an aluminum frame, changing out just the glass is the solution.

Glass Installers are called “Glaziers”

Often when we show up to measure, our field reps will look for other problems you might have. Caulking around your window frames where they meet the brick or they may look for other insulated units that are leaking. Sometimes our reps will see cracked windows or bad balancers or bad locks you might not know about. If they tell you about them, they are not sales people, they are only trying to help you save money by getting as much fixed as you can in a single trip or two.

          We do offer discounts when you fix 10 or more glass windows at a time.
Repairing Glass Windows in Your Home

If you are having moisture problems in your windows and begin motion to repair or replace your glass, this could be helpful for you.

Since you live there it will be easier for anyone to find your bad windows if you will place a piece of tape on the window that is bad. Make an “X” to let the glaziers find it easier. If you have noticed, your glass may be showing moisture in the morning at the breakfast nook window, but it isn’t there in the afternoon or at night when you looked again. It is a weather and temperature circumstance that causes the moisture to show. So, when you see a bad window Mark It some how. Then who ever you call out to fix it will be able to find them no matter the time of day the glazier shows up to measure.


Reason being, we have been out many times when customers have mentioned they have six windows to change and when we get there we only find four OR we found ten. If you mark them we will know exactly which ones are bothering you and at least get those fixed first. If you have us repair your windows or someone else, this step of marking will benifit everyone. In today’s oil prices, it hurts to travel to the same house a number of times and if we can make fewer trips, we charge less money.

If you have any questions, please call or email or follow the Old Glaizer in our blog and on FaceBook.