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One of our favorites.


Our customer who had let us install some mirror in her ranch house in Weatherford moved to Mustang Island and asked us to come down there and do her new home.

About 40 feet out her back door was the dock where she kept her boats. This job took almost three weeks. It wasn’t just because we were catching fish everyday out her back door, it was also because we put up 10 walls of mirror in her beach house.


We used Bevel Mirror Strips on the entire job and on every wall. We walked away feeling like there was no limit to using the Beveled Mirror Strips and Accessories (corners – squares and clusters).


Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

Who makes the best Mirror Frame of ALL? We try not to get carried away, but we really like what these Beveled Mirror Strips and Accessories can do to a common mirror. There are many choices to frame a vanity mirror but we really like the “Double Mirror Strip Frame” above all. Why? Mostly because of the comments that we have heard from our customers. The majority of customers have chosen the Double Mirror Strip Frame over the other looks of different mirror frames.