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Safety Glass

Door Glass, Entrance Doors and Glass within 48″ of a door or entrance has to be Safety Glass by Federal Law. It is a good thing for everyone and the best protection.

We carry all the options for door glass:

Tempered Safety Glass is standard in most cases. This is the glass that breaks into a zillion little pieces.

Laminated Safety Glass is used for those who prefer a little more security. Instead of falling out in pieces when it breaks, it cracks and stays there. The poly vinyl used between the glass holds it together after it breaks.

Polycarbonate is the next product available for Safety Glass in Entrance Doors. Polycarbonate is the beginning of Bullet Resistant Glass. For Entrance Doors we use 1/4 Lexan (polycarbonate Brand Name) in clear or gray and bronze tints. This is REAL Security Door Glass. It will not break (we have tried our best with a 3 crow bar) and you cannot burn it out with a torch. It will fade out in time like plexiglass, and it carries a 10 year warranty on not breaking.

Plexiglass, you can buy at Home Depot. We do not supply it at our shop. With exterior use the plexiglass will fade out in six months and it will scratch every time you clean it. We only recommend plexiglass if you are in a hurry or you are doing it yourself. As a Glass Company we do not feel that we can warranty this product in use or in installation.

  • Patio Sliding Doors
  • French Doors
  • Custom Inserts in Front Doors and Sidelites
  • Store Front Doors
  • Kitchen Doors
  • Curio Cabinets
  • Refrigeration Doors

Patio Door Glass

For your residential patio doors: Sliders – French or Half Windows on back doors.

We do carry and install both the mono (single sheet) glass and the insulated (double pane) glass.

We also have a few color tints for some of the standard size patio doors. If your door glass is broken you can call and we will be glad to give you a quote. We will be asking you for the size, color, single or insulated glass in your door. If you measure you may come close to these sizes:

Standard Sliding Patio Door Glass in Aluminum Frames 28 x 76 34 x 76 46 x 76

For you French Wooden Doors with Glass Inserts: 20 x 64 20 x 64 22 x 64

You wooden doors with a half window glass will not be standard and we will have to make those up.

ALL DOOR GLASS “MUST” be Safety Glass to comply with Federal Regulations.

Choices on Safety Glass: Tempered – Laminated

Or, if you so choose Lexan, a polycarbonate that works well for glass that is broken regularly by either animals or unwanted guest. Lexan is unbreakable, but has maybe a 10 year life span before it gets foggy looking. It is much better than plexiglass with a one year span or less before it turns foggy or yellow. Either of the polycarbonates cost more than glass.

Safety Glass

Safety Glass – is a product made to protect the people, animals AND Insurance Companies. When it breaks it does not act like Annealed Glass (not tempered).

Tempered Safety Glass – The process of heat-treating glass, to provide much stronger characteristics than annealed, or un-tempered glass. Once again, tempered glass is not shatter proof or unbreakable. It is designed to break into very small pieces to help alleviate severe lacerations. This process is used on automobile side and rear windows as well as storefronts and doors that are required by local building codes.

Laminate GlassA process by which two or more lites of glass are sandwiched about a polyvinyl layer to give the glass strength against penetration. It is not shatter proof or unbreakable. The most common application that everyone should be familiar with is automobile windshields.

Polycarbonates -Need something clear, strong, and almost unbreakable? This material is 250 times stronger than glass! Known by trade names such as Lexan, Tuffak, Makrolon, and Hyzod. High tensile strength. Clear, strong, and tough. Excellent for windows in high-crime areas. However, it does scratch somewhat easy.

Annealed Glass – to the glass industry means “raw glass”. It has not been tempered or treated in any way. For our explanation, we like people to be aware that those big windows in storefronts and downtown area, are not always tempered safety glass. They are raw pieces of glass that if it breaks, it can break in a number of big pieces that can come down fast and as sharp as a guillotine, sometimes with the same results. Please pass this along when you see children at display windows slapping it with their hands or heads. Do not lean on the glass storefronts you see at malls. Refer to our “Glass Knowledge” page for some very interesting tidbits about glass.