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Semi-Frameless Shower Glass:

The Semi-Frameless Shower Glass is a Framed Unit with Optimized Use of Metal.  For Instance, the door when opened will not be framed all the way.  If it is a two sided glass shower, the 90° corner will have glass meeting glass with no corner post.  The uniqueness about a SemiFrameless Shower is for the effect.  It is not your traditional Framed Shower Unit and it opens up the space in your bath with it’s look.

SemiFrameless Shower DoorTo the right is a picture of a Semi-Frameless Shower Glass Door.  Notice at the top you do not see metal.  If you reached and grabed the handle and opened it, there would not be a frame on the right side.  On the bottom is a drip rail attached to route the water back into the shower when the door is opened.

The glass in a Semi Unit will be 1/4″ tempered safety glass and can come in a variety of color or patterns.  Where as the Frameless Shower will have 3/8″ or 1/2″ Heavy Glass in it.

Semi-Frameless Shower Corner Enclosure:

A Semi Frameless Shower will show more of the semi option.  The door will be the same as the single door above, but you will notice on the corner of the enclosure where the glass meets the glass.  This is the look of the Semi-Shower Enclosure.

Semi-Frameless Shower EnclosureThis Shower Glass Unit will be impressive upon your first look.  It has a very clean Butt Joint in the 90° corner.  The glass on the Door will have Polished Edges that are showing and the two pieces meeting in the corner will also have polished edges.  We make some corners with Polised Edge and Mitered at 45°to make it even more of a clean finshed look.

In todays market, some of the Framed Glass Showers cost almost what a Frameless Shower cost.  In most cases, our customers called back and told us how much they enjoyed the Frameless Shower having lived with the Framed Shower for so many years.


What ever you may choose or whatever is in your budget, give us a call.  We are glad to give FREE ESTIMATES and any information that you may need before you complete your shower.  We often wish, even if people did not buy our shower, that they would call and let us tell them some of the “Do’s” that you need to apply before you start installing your tile LIKE THE DOUBLE STUDS ON HINGE SIDE OF DOORS.

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