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Wardrobe Mirrors

Bi-Folds and Sliders and Bi-Folds with Beveled Mirror

We can make most Wardrobe Mirror Doors available within two days for any size opening you might have for your closet area or linen closet doors.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Styles

The series door below is a bottom roller by-pass aluminum
mirrored door unit comes either slim-line or edgegaurd frameless and can be
glazed with
beveled mirrors for a touch of class.


Metal finishes in Gold, Chrome, SatinSilver and Brushed Nickel.

Stationary Mirror Door

The Series below is a wonderful alternative for that someone wanting a full length dressing mirror that doubles as a closet door.  When closed it has the appearance of a fine aluminum framed mirror.  It comes with dust seal and magnetic catch for easy operation. 
Door Mirror
Comes in SatinSilver and Chrome

Bi-Folds Wardrobe Mirror Doors

The series below is a bi-fold mirrored door unit and a
great way to maximize the reach through space of your closet.  Like the series
#22, it comes in either slim-line or edgegaurd frameless and can also be glazed
bevel mirrors.  Comes in Gold, White and Silver



If you order any of the Wardrobe doors with Beveled Mirrors it could move the delivery date out by three weeks.  Just call and let us know and we can give you a price and date of delivery and installation.

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