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Window Glass

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Window Glass Repair

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We cut all window glass to size, pattern cuts, custom pattern cuts for any style window or custom type window. From your standard round tops and half /whole eyebrow windows to custom octagons and rakes. Our family of glaziers at Abaca Glass & Mirror are ready to serve you. The more windows you have to replace, the more discount on glass prices you can receive. If you are a home owner, you just might want to put our web site on your favorites.

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For those of you who will call looking for parts or information on your windows, here are a few things we may ask you about if you call us for repairs.


Window Parts

Sum of Its Parts

A. Jamb Vertical or horizontal member that frames the window opening

B. Rail Horizontal part of sash

C. Pane or Light Glass held in place by glazing putty and metal glazing points

D. Top Sash Upper section of window, may slide down to open

E. Stile Vertical part of sash

F. Meeting Rail One of the two horizontal members of a double-hung sash which come together

G. Muntin Strip that separates the panes of a window. The shape, or profile, of a muntin provides a clue to the window’s age.

H. Bottom Sash Lower section of window, typically slides up to open

I. Casing The finished, often decora­tive, framework around a window

J. Stool Interior shelf-like board at the bottom of a window against which the bottom rail of the sash rests