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GLASS is not "Just a Pane" to See Through

Is it time for a New Shower Door in your house?

Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE. We do stand behind all Our Glass Installations with Guaranteed Service.

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Are your Insulated Windows getting hard to see through?

We can fix this "foggy window" without changing out your entire window frame. We offer five or ten year warranty on windows not doing this again

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Reflect Your View

If you need a new mirror here or there, we can fit the calling of what you might want to see. From custom to standard vanities, mirror is one of our specialties.

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These Folks Have Been Served

Karen in St. Louis, Missouri "It was truly amazing to watch you and your men work on installing the mirrors in our house. I was so thankful for you coming from Dallas and setting up your shop in my garage to cut my mirrors to fit so well. We move around way too much with my husbands business, but after you installed mirrors in our house in Dallas, I knew you were the company we wanted to install the mirrors in our new home in St. Louis. All my neighbors and friends up here just love the look that you created. I just wanted to thank you again for carrying out our dream."

Ginger in Weatherford, Texas "The custom mirror work you did for me in Dallas was the reason I wanted you to come here to my home in Weatherford. I was happy to have you and your son stay here on my ranch for the two weeks it took. Anthony is a very pleasant young man you should be proud of. I wanted to let you know that I believe you have out done yourself on creating the design in each of the rooms where you put mirrors up on our walls. My friends often stand and stare at what you did with the mirror strips in our entrance hall. When they ask for your phone number it is my pleasure to show them your web site and all the information they need to get in touch with you. Thanks for the enjoyment I'll have for a long time to come."

Kimberly in Dallas Texas "Thank you for a great job! It was timely and professional. Looks great."

Jeri in Dallas Texas "I wish I had found your company before now. The mirrors you removed were horrid and I was so afraid they were going to fall off and hurt someone. Thank you for removing them and the way you made the new mirror was fantastic. I'll call you when my cosmetic company gets ready for mirrors in our showroom."

John and Nikki in Dallas Texas "It has been six months since you installed the efficiency glass in our windows. You asked us to let you know what we could tell on the change in our utility bills. This summer months compared to last year is more than a significant change. Math tells us it's 20% lower. We really wanted you to know that our den is just great now to stay in, those solar screens REALLY made a difference. Have our neighbors called you? We gave them your number and website when they asked about the screens. Thanks, it was good to find a company that gave us a price break."

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